1. We only Accept the reviews of Private trackers and not the ones that are open to public.
2. Please check the review Index before you create a review to know if its already been posted or not and save yours and ours time.
3. Review must contain the logo of the torrentinvitez.com which is provided below in the code without which the review will not be accepted.
4. Review must follow the steps given below in the order.
5. Review should start with the table below and fill all the details given in the table according to the type of tracker.

Tracker Name: Name of tracker
Tracker URL: URL of Tracker
Tracker Genre: Genre if its E-Learning/HD/XXX/Movies/TV/Music etc.
Tracker Type: Ratio Based or Ratioless
Maintaining Ratio: Easy or Medium or Hard
Bonus: Yes or No
Tracker Signup: Invite Only or Closed
Tracker IRC: IRC of tracker

6.Review must follow the steps in the sequence of List below.
.Tracker Logo
After Logo a small description of Tracker.
.Tracker Home Page
.Tracker Categories and Torrents
.Tracker Requests
.Tracker Top 10
.Tracker Bonus
.Tracker Forum
.Tracker Rules
.Tracker FAQ or Wiki
.Tracker User Classes
.Tracker Stats
If some points from the list are not available in the Tracker you can skip it.
7. Create the Review according to the above steps and also place the table and the steps in the center.