Acid-Lounge | 0-Day| 2015 Review

Tracker Name: Acid-Lounge
Tracker URL:
Tracker Genre: 0-Day
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Maintaining Ratio: Medium
Bonus System: No
Tracker Signup: Invite only / Closed
Tracker IRC: Server: | Channel: #acid-lounge | Support: #acid-support

Site Review:
  • Acid-Lounge (ACID / AL ) is an yet another normal 0-day tracker ,and has no special contents .
  • Forum and Arcade Gaming sections are regularly active to kill some time.
  • The site provides too many user customization, which at times makes site look clumsy.
  • Seeds die out soon and older torrents are not seeded well.

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User Class

  • Speed:6/10
  • Content: 7/10
  • Site Look: 5/10
  • Staff and Community: 8/10