What is it?:
A vision statement and set of core values that set inplace the foundations for all other rules and decisions. Everything we do, aligns with the core-values or help achieve the vision. They will be proudly displayed on the site; and contained within all sign-up agreements and part of the staff mantra.

Why is it useful?
It makes a commitment to our members about the way we operate, what we do and how, and where we expect to be; it also helps shape rules and boundaries and give clear direction when there are disputes.

Our Vision
To be the leading TV Tracker providing consistent easy access to fast and high quality content through innovation, reliability and mutual respect for our members.
Our Core Values:
1. We will treat you fairly and with respect
2. We will be friendly and courteous
3. We will accept your feedback and make improvements where possible
4. We will provide quality and reliable services
5. We will be honest and open
6. We will endeavor to provide a fun and relaxed environment while demonstrating a high degree of professionalism in both how we interact with you, and how we run the system