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    Kylie Minogue will shed a tear during long-delayed Glastonbury performance

    Kylie Minogue fears she may struggle to keep her emotions in check during her upcoming Glastonbury gig - after cancer robbed her of the chance to headline the festival.
    The I Should Be So Lucky singer, 51, was due to headline the iconic British music event's Pyramid Stage in 2005, but was forced to pull out after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 36.
    She did appear as a guest with the Scissor Sisters in 2010, but says her Sunday afternoon legends slot will reduce her to tears as she will finally get to play a full Glastonbury set.
    "I will remember what happened those years ago and my *overriding feeling will just be of gratitude and, how fragile life can be," she told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper. "Will there be tears? Absolutely. Let's just say I will be wearing *waterproof mascara."
    Kylie admitted that her set will bring back frustrating feelings as she lost the chance to headline when she was at the height of her pop career.
    "I would have been one of the only female solo artists in the festival's history to headline," she explained. "I really thought I missed my *opportunity and, as the years went by, I said to myself, 'Well this just isn't going to happen'."
    Although she was focused on her recovery from cancer, she couldn't help watching and feeling she should be on stage.
    "My memory's so strong of so much around that time and while my focus had moved on from Glastonbury, I was watching and going, 'I'm meant to be there'," she remembered. "It would have been pretty mega at the time to headline - the next woman to do it was Beyonce (in 2011)."
    Although the concert will bring back unhappy memories as well as creating joyful new ones, she is determined to be philosophical about her feelings.
    "Yes, it's going to be emotional, but I try to remind myself... it's a *celebration. I'm not trying to do anything new. Me, the crowd and 31 or 32 years of history together. Perhaps I wasn't ready anyway," she mused. "I feel I've grown so much and have a lot more to offer."
    Glastonbury officially gets underway at Worthy Farm in Somerset, England, on Friday.

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    thanks DARHT, as always posting a lot...

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