The Evil Dead Remake (2013)

'The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Terror' is back in this 2013 remake of the classic film. WARNING: This video is NSFW.

Warning: Old-school horror movie snob comments pending.

There was a time back in the day when some horror movies were creative and artistic expressions of the filmmaker. (There were some that were always low-class schlock, like the 'Friday the 13th' series)

There were some great cutting-edge filmmakers back then as well, men with names like John Carpenter and Sam Raimi.

There were horror spoofs as well, such as the superb 'Return of the Living Dead' which introduced the world to the idea of 'fast' zombies, forever changing the genre.

And then there was the granddaddy of them all, one of the greatest horror films of all time, 'The Evil Dead.' A horror comedy and horror spoof before there was any such thing, a truly disturbing and scary film, an edgy and gutsy movie that took no prisoners in its attempt to rewrite the genre into something new and different.

But most important, aside from all the cultural and artistic significance of the first film of the series, 'The Evil Dead' introduced the world at large to H.P. Lovecraft's 'Necronomicon,' an ancient book of unspeakable terror and horror, written in blood by the insane 'Mad Arab' Abdul Alhazred. It is the incantations contained within this grimoire that gave mortal man the power to summon, and hopefully control, the Ancient Ones (AKA The Old Ones), an interstellar race of supernatural beings who inhabited planet Earth eons prior to our evolution.

A book that has been translated and studied for a hundreds of years since its creation in 738 A.D., until it was eventually suppressed for years until translated into English by the alchemist and magician John Dee. It is the Dee version that now resides in Arkam, Massachusetts, in the sealed vaults of the now defunct Miskatonic University. Few local historian have seen this copy, but it is purported the new 2013 remake takes passages from this version to add 'authenticity' to the film. I cannot verify these claims, but I will link you below to the official trailer of the new film.

WARNING: This video is NSFW for its gore and violence. I am linking to it from here as it may be a little too NSFW to post the video on our site.

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