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    Australian Hacker Arrested for Xbox Leak

    One of the Australian hackers discovered that the software giant Microsoft has no sense of humor when he leaked details of the company’s new Xbox and listed a prototype on eBay as a gag.

    A man nicknamed SuperDaE from Perth, who calls himself a freelance security analyst, has obtained some internal Microsoft documents and a Durango development kit. SuperDaE leaked some data about the Xbox on Twitter and in result was paid a visit by a Microsoft representative who wanted the Durango back.

    Indeed, it turned out that Microsoft really just wanted to know where all the gear was, while not being in a hurry to get it back straight away, according to the hacker. Nevertheless, the Australian police, the FBI and other authorities were quick to show up at his house with a search warrant. The investigators tore his place apart, taking everything that was remotely electronic. The seized items included the hacker’s computers, mobiles and even banking cards.

    The police confirmed to the reporters that the Technology Crime Investigation unit was conducting a multi-jurisdictional investigation into cyber related offences. The hacker admitted that he feared what most Australians do – that the authorities were going to extradite him to the United States where he might face one of their legendary kangaroo courts and be sentenced to like a thousand years in prison.

    Ironically enough, neither Microsoft nor the police and FBI managed to get their hands on the Durango which the hacker had the foresight to hide. He claimed that it would remain a guarded secret – perhaps he just needs some leverage.

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    How old are the hacker ? i think he is just a kid xD epic fail

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