Hello once again Speeders and welcome to The Speed.CD Lottery! This will be an ongoing competition, and if all bodes well there is a potential for mega bonus points to be given away.

All users are eligible to enter and it costs each player 75 BP to buy a ticket, only one ticket per member. Lotto opens every Monday @ 12pm GMT. Users have all week to buy a ticket, but the competition closes every Saturday @ 12pm GMT. Winners are announced every Sunday @ 12pm GMT.

"Raise the Stakes"

Special Members and higher can make the competition more interesting by adding more BP. To do so they must post the phrase "raise the stakes" when they are buying their ticket and specify how many bonus points they want to put up. There is a 150BP "raise the stakes" limit.

1st place will receive 50% of the pot!!!
2nd place will receive 20% of the pot!!!
3rd place will receive 10% of the pot!!!
The remaining 20% of the pot will be rolled over to the next weeks lotto draw, making the lotto progressively larger every week!

There is a maximum payout of 1500BP (equal to 30GB upload credit) for first place, 2nd and 3rd place are similarly limited. If the pot gets ridiculously big we reserve the right to hold bonus draws bi-weekly, or award 150BP prizes to 4th, 5th, 6th place ect.

Depending on the size of the pot, there will be a site contribution...

- If the pot is 500BP or less the site will contribute 100% (i.e. double the pot)
- 501BP - 1000BP the site will add 75%
- 1001BP - 1500BP speed.cd raises the stakes by 50%
- 1501BP - 2000BP the site gives an extra 25%
- 2001BP or over the site adds nothing.

So what are you waiting for, please ensure you have sufficient BPs to enter!

Good luck and have fun!