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Recently found that some members have a background Xunlei, network disk, etc. offline download records management group for serious cases have been handled BAN number. Since this announcement, once found use Xunlei, Tornado, network disk or non-specified client site uploading and downloading of members stand BAN puzzled.

Also found there is more part of the Member IP downloads and IP address geographic span, suspected passkey leak. Members please check their timely upload and download records: view the records, once the abnormal (such as download history, there have not downloaded the seeds of its own), reset the passkey now: Go to reset the passkey page. And remember the site rules.

Members also welcomed the enthusiastic users downloaded exception report details.

Good running HDWinG the needs of every member to participate, let us work together to maintain a fair and harmonious download environment. Happy new year all your heart and success!


近期后台发现部分会员有使用迅雷、网盘等离线下载记录,对于情节严重者管理组已经BAN号处理。自本公告发 布后,一旦查到使用迅雷、旋风、网盘或非本站规定客户端进行上传下载的会员,立BAN不解。

另外发现一部分会员出现多IP下载情况,且IP地址地理跨度很大,疑似passkey泄露。请各位会员及时 查看自己的上传下载记录:查看记录,一旦发现异常(比如下载记录里有自己没下载过的种子),请立即重置pa sskey:进入重置passkey页面。并谨记本站规则。


HDWinG的良好运行需要每一位会员的参与,让我们共同努力,维护公平和谐的下载环境。 祝大家新年一切顺心,马到成功!