Christmas Scavenger Hunt...!!

Ch ri st ma s S ca ve ng er Hu nt

In response to great demand (ie. one mouse has been bugging us..! ) The MaM book clubs are proud to announce:

Scavenger hunt #2 ...!

This one will be a little different though, as it is not based on books, but based on Christmas and Winter..!

Each day a new clue will be posted. If you can find the answer, you should PM it to me. If you are correct, your name will be added to the list of participating members below, and each correct answer you get, will be noted.

**Please note this small modification to the rules:

The answers won't be given until the end of the hunt, so that members coming late to the game will still be able to participate if they wish - even if that is day 10...!

...and the postings will now work as follows:

Day 1: Clue 1 is posted

Day 2: Clue 2 is posted.
A hint for clue 1 is posted (in the hidden boxes below)

Day 3: Clue 3 is posted
A hint for clue 2 is posted (in the hidden boxes below)

Day 4: Clue 4 is posted
A hint for clue 3 is posted (in the hidden boxes below)

...and so on.

The game will last for 12 days, and will end on the 12th December. All members who have successfully answered all the clues correctly will then be awarded a commemorative festive sig to be worn over the Christmas period, if they so wish.

Please feel free to leave comments on this thread, but no answers should be posted, so as not to spoil the game for others wishing to play.

All answers should be PMd to me, (b****). I will keep a list of all the members who replied correctly to all the clues, and at the end of the game, everyone who has completed it, will be sent their little festive sig to proudly wear over the holiday season.