FREELEECH. Yup, you read correct!

If we look back in the past 15 years, the MOST requested feature here on TL was Freeleech, a very challenging and difficult task! It’s not as simple as pressing a button to make everything Freeleech. Over the years, lots of private trackers have implemented the Freeleech idea, but in the end, it was doing worse than good. Reason? Because most people get the FREE part of the Freeleech, thinking "oh well, it’s free so there is no need to seed it back?".

This approach posed a great challenge to us as well.

After numerous tests, thoughts, redesigns and calculations, we finally found a way to overcome this problem and make Freeleech viable on TL as well!

Several checks are put into place to make sure that everyone plays fair, keeping the main objective untouched: MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS PROPERLY SEEDED for the years to come!

let’s get straight to the point

Most users have already noticed the introduction of a new tag in a huge list of torrents, named FREELEECH

So, what has really changed?

The whole “hit and run idea” was reconstructed, along with how warnings are issued plus adjusting minimum seeding times. In short, the new/adjusted rules are as follows!

1) Freeleech torrents accumulate ZERO download credit. At the same time, they accumulate normal upload credit! No more excuses for low ratio!

2) ALL TORRENTS and by all WE MEAN FREELEECH ONES AS WELL are REQUIRED to be seeded at MINIMUM 1:1 ratio OR for at least 96 hours (4 days) in total! Failing to do so will charge you with 1 (one) Hit and Run torrent. Get over 50 of those, and you get 1 HNR warning.

3) You have 30 days after the first HNR warning to clear your Hit and Run torrent list!

4) You can use your surplus upload credit (if any) or your accumulated TL points to clear your unseeded/Hit and Run warnings.

5) To make sure everyone has a fair chance to participate in this, we decided to clear any negative surplus for the ones with ratio under 1 <

6) The HNR torrent list will start being calculated from the moment this announcement is posted for old and new torrents. Everyone starts with 0 torrents in their HNR list.

7) All existing TL points were divided by 40 to come in line with the new Hit and Run system. But worry not - the points needed to claim something from the marketplace got divided by 40 as well