End of the year
2019-12-09 00:00:00 2019 is coming to end but NZBs.in is still going strong thanks to you guys.

It's still necessary to remind people a few things:

Don't talk about NZBs.in Read the rules: Site rules Invite rules FAQ Account security User a strong unique password (password generator #1 #2)

Enable 2FA Make sure your 3rd party application using RSS/API are password protected if they are accessible from internet (that include sonarr, radarr, sabnzbd, nzbget,...)
Email address We regularly get email from members with wrong emails on their profile.

Keep this information up to date.

We won't contact you on another address, that includes password reset. That's about it for now. Be good, donate, and enjoy the holidays.

See you in 2020