'Apex Legends: Emergence' Season 10 Battle Pass Trailer Reveals New Legends and a New


Jan 23, 2020
'Apex Legends: Emergence' Season 10 Battle Pass Trailer Reveals New Legends and a New Mode

It will have new Legend, guns, and some cool skins!

The next season of Apex Legends will go live on August 3 and will introduce new Legends, guns, and tons of improvements. Respawn has just revealed information about the next battle pass and the content which will be available with Apex Legends: Emergence. The update will also feature map updates and a new ranked playlist.

The most exciting part of every Apex Legends season is the Legends. The new addition to the Legends roster is Seer, who knows where you're hiding. Seer's main kit is all about tracking down enemies. Seer has microdrones and an artist's eye. You can visually hear enemies' heartbeats whenever you aim down sight while using Seer. Seer can also summon microdrones that can travel through walls and reveal enemy position, health, and can go boom after a delay!

The new season will also add a new LMG, Rampage. We don't know how the new LMG will square off, but who knows if the gun will actually cause a rampage in every lobby. The season will also update the map, as World's Edge has seen an overwhelming amount of mining this past season. The Arena is also getting an update, as Respawn is adding Ranked Arena, which is a ‘ranked’ mode for the Arena. You can check the detailed breakdown of how the new Ranked Arena will function on EA's own blog post. The Arena maps are also refreshed with three new points of interest.

A new mode, new legends, but what about the old stuff? Valkyrie and Horizon will get brand new skins as a part of the Battle Pass reward track. The update will also have major balances, including buffs, for previous legends. Apex Legends: Emergence will launch tomorrow, August 3. Apex Legends is available for free on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.