Awesome-HD 3 Year Anniversary + Staff Picks + Free Bonus Points

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Staff Picks are 100% freeleech. Click on the last link to get your free bonus points (it's a decent amount). Happy Anniversary AHD, you are the home to some of the best quality encodes that the private tracker world has to offer. Keep it up!

Today is the third anniversary of AHD moving to the gazelle codebase and as such we thought we would have a small celebration. Thus the staff (and special guest leicdave) have chosen some movies that they think you may like to check out, they can be found here. Also we thought we would give you all a little extra for supporting us over the last 3 years, click here to see what it could be.
and Thank You
The Staff


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May 18, 2012
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Thanx for the news m8. Happy b-day Awesome-HD!!