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DeepBassNine | DB9 | Music/DnB | 2023 Review

Tracker NameDeepBassNine | DB9
Tracker URL
Tracker GenreMusic | DnB
Tracker SignUpInvite Only!
Maintain RatioHard
Banned CountriesNone

.::Tracker Description::.

  • DeepBassNine (DB9) is a music tracker dedicated & Specialised in bass heavy music , mostly drum & bass (DnB) tracks of all types.

  • Tracker is online since 2006 (17 years) with high paranoia & HYPE level coz many people want to join as it's very hard to enter. , But Hey!! A Specialized Tracker On (DnBs) Got Around 130K+ Uploaded Torrents , It's Being Very Nice Content For Sure.

  • They love Goats xD! everywhere in tracker you'll find them , EVEN in login page you'll find a goat , click on it then username & password field will appear to write your credentials in them. LOVELY xD!
    • Lots of releases come in FLAC/MP3 & lots of exclusive torrents (DB9 Exclusive) being uploaded everyday , such stuffs you won't find elsewhere EXCEPT on DB9. those DB9 exclusive torrents got most of leechers/seeders on tracker , you can snatch it once it's just now uploaded by seedbox to make good amount of upload. BUT hey ! you need to be promoted to next class (after default one) to be able to leech those exclusive ones.
    • Maintain ratio is hard tends to moderate as :
      - No site-wide freeleech events , but not NEVER (it's just too RARE).
      - No bonus points system is implemented , makes it more harder to get good standings there.
      - DB9 exclusive torrents not to be snatched/leech before being promoted.
    • DB9 speeds are quite good with seedboxes (may reach +1MB/s) as it's not the best around & got nice content in case you are a DnBs LOVER , it shall satisfy your needs for sure.
    • There is a DB9 radio which is active and you can keep listen to it when you idle on the site , old members there used to DJ on their radio & have some good times. they got 2 IRC channels ( one for DB9-tracker , one for DB9-Radio ).
    • DB9's Community is active & strong as they got low registered userbase data usually stick to themselves in IRC which is also why invites are hard to come by , Forums are active as well & most of requests are being filled more active than other trackers got high number of registered users.
    • DB9 is one of the oldest trackers around & dedicated to DnB tracks , so DON'T join if you don't like that field. also ,for your notes they BAN ALOT! staffs are being suspicious about every single new registered member (mostly giving ban for No REASON) for banned guy come to shit IRC & start making some detectives actions , too RISKY to deal with DB9 & i think not worth that risk to join such a tight-closed tracker.
    • If you're a general music lover , No need for that risk at all . as many MUSIC trackers around ( better than DB9 & more easier to deal with n join ).
    • I hope that i've written & spotted the light on each criteria , that it will be the BEST 2023 review for DB9 that could be found on WEB (only Ti ). hope you'll like it guys & now leaving you with the screenshots.

.::Login Page::.

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.::/Donation FAQ::.

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Based On Their Category | DnBs & Exclusive Stuffs.

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