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Aug 6, 2013
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13 Anniversary FileList

- Rewards for all members...

It's been one more year of FileList, which means we are 13 years old.

Since the last anniversary we have changed our main domain, we introduced the API which enables programatically searching for torrents, we have improved the relevancy of the results reeturned by the search engine and we made a few major improvements and modifications to the tracker. We could say it was a somewhat active year.

Slowly, but surely, the development of the new site is still ongoing. We know you are eager to have it, because so are we.
There will be a staff only closed beta, after which an invitation based beta will start in which you (the users) will also be able to participate.
We'll return with more details about the signing up procedure when we'll be closer to the user beta phase.

Also, I wish to thank you, all the members of this community. You, starting from the user rank up until administrator are the people which make this site work. You are the cogs which make everything run smoothly.

Thank you for supporting the community, because of you the site is still progressing in the best way possible!
Thank you very much for being FileList! This holiday is about you!

Global FreeLeech! A whole week of Global FreeLeech! Starting on the 1st of September until the 7th of September.
13th anniversary gift! Starting on the 1st of September until the 7th of September you will be able to claim a gift, by clicking in the lower left corner of the website, once every 24 hours. The gifts are similar to those in the shop: Upload, FLCoins, Invitations, FLTokens, VIP.
Discounted Shop prices! Starting on the 1st of September until the 7th of September you can enjoy the Shop at reduced prices!

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Guess the game (ends on 2020-09-01, ora 23:59:59)
Emoji game (starts 2020-09-02)
Guess the word (starts 2020-09-02)
Post and win (starts 2020-09-03)
Avatar design (starts 2020-09-03)
Find the gift (starts 2020-09-04)
Based on the staff's availability some surprise contests may also popup, so be on the lookout in the category 13 ani de FileList

Happy Anniversary FileList!

We wish you all the best!
FileList Staff