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Feb 3, 2021
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Hello GazelleGames!

Upcoming Site IP Change
Due to some changes we're making, one of our site IPs will be changing next week. Once things have been fully set up, we will announce the new IP together with more details. For those who are using a static routing bypass or any other IP-based filter, they will have to be set again with the new IP at that point. Of course, we will consider bypasses failing due to outdated IPs being set, but any bypasses or other whitelists should be corrected as soon as possible.

Staff Changes
We regret to announce the departure of G*** from our Torrent Moderator team. Starting off at a time when our groups were sorely lacking, they stepped in and helped build the groundworks for our new moderation standards. Now that there are many other experienced people in the TM team, they have decided to step down and focus on other ventures. We would link to extend our thanks for all their work and contributions in organizing our game collection.

Boots & Roses
As with last year, we will once again be releasing our unique Valentine's themed items and drops — both sweet and thorny. Furthermore, the long-awaited boot slot finally has an equipment item: The Cupid's Winged Boots can be crafted by infusing old boots with the power of love and feathers. Some even whisper of empowered versions that let you reach new heights! For more information about old and new recipes, check out the Book of Valentine Crafting. We've also prepared a special rose box, filled with Valentine goodies. You can claim it below:

Don't wait too long, as any unclaimed boxes will wilt in two weeks. Many thanks to T*** und b*** for designing and implementing these new items!

We wish everyone a sweet Valentine's Day!

GGn Staff