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Gotham Season 2: BD Wong Cast as Professor Hugo Strange


Mar 22, 2015
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Gotham season 2 episode, “By Fire”, dropped a bombshell on viewers. The final scene revealed that slave-turned-vengeful-arsonist Bridgit Pike (Michelle Veintimilla) didn’t actually die in a blaze of glory. We see her badly burned and bandaged on a gurney, being wheeled off for experimentation in the Indian Hill facility.

It turns out the last stop for Gotham’s monsters is being run by Professor Hugo Strange – and now we know who will be playing him on FOX’s DC comic book TV show.

Comicbook.com is reporting that B.D. Wong (most recently seen on the big screen as Dr. Henry Wu in Jurassic World) has been cast to portray Professor Strange on the small screen in Gotham,. Viewers will first meet the villain as a seemingly devoted psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum in an upcoming season 2 episode, where he will be endeavoring to rehabilitate the city’s most deranged minds.

Indian Hill isn’t just Strange’s pet project in Gotham‘s universe, however. Wayne Enterprises is running the secret program it seems, with the end goal being to create “the ultimate super human.” Whatever Bruce Wayne’s (David Mazouz) corrupted corporation has in mind, FOX has promised that the good professor will become “Gotham’s greatest threat.”

TV fans should recognize Wong from his 229 episodes on Law & Order: SVU as Dr. George Huang, the division’s forensic psychiatrist and criminal profiler. Wong also spent several years playing chaplain to the inmates on HBO’s prison drama Oz. The versatile actor should feel at home as a threatening Arkham psychiatrist – and his unsettling role as hacker mastermind Whiterose on Mr. Robot has once again proven he can portray ominous, mysterious characters quite well.

Strange has an even longer history than the Joker and Catwoman in the Batman comic book universe, first appearing in Detective Comics #36 (February 1940). He was obsessed with Batman, and also one of the few villains who learned Bruce’s true identity. Since Gotham has played around extensively with the established mythology of these characters, it will be interesting to see if Strange has anything to do with the future dark hero’s evolution. The professor also has a habit of non-permanent deaths, so Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) may get to “kill” him off a few times before he ever starts tangling with Batman.

Gotham season 2 will continue with “Mommy’s Little Monster” next Monday at 8pm on FOX.