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Nov 11, 2020
PackageShared Seedbox M10G M (10Gbps Up/Down, 4TB storage, 20TB traffic at 11,99€/month)
I regularly see download speeds between 150MB/s and 180MB/s (1.2-1.5Gbps) regularly from decently seeded sources. 50GB within 5 minutes is not a problem but I have yet to see much faster, which ofcourse depends on the seeds.
One or two issues every year but get solved within 24 hours most of the time.
Standard setup is rTorrent + ruTorrent, with more recently support for Deluge, qBittorrent and Rclone. Support for SSH access and SFTP/HTTPS transfers. Plenty of info, upgrades and troubleshooting possible through the GUI.
Speed of GUI9/10
It's quick, nothing to add.
The price is very reasonable, the performance is very good and the service is of high quality. Extra disk space you accumulate over time is a nice bonus !
FeaturesProprietary application, FTP/SFTP, SSH, HTTPS, watch directory.
Overall rating9/10
I haven't compared with other seedbox vendors because I was never unsatisfied with the quality and service of PulsedMedia. Sometimes the SFTP transfers are slower but that usually goes away and may as well be my ISP throttling or having issues. I've never had data corruption or data loss, support has been very good and stability is very good as well.

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