Review Competition - BTN , iTS , Seedboxes, Trackers and usenet site prizes


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May 18, 2012
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Hello Ti.Net users!

It has been so long since last Competition we had here, So i would like to start it again with Review Competition to help the site and also members who want to check out trackers before they join it

How to join ?

1- Just post here that you will take part in the competition.
2- Start making reviews
3- Post here your review links
4- you must also use Ti.Net logo

Who win ?

1- The member with more number of reviews
2- The person with the best review and good quality.

Prizes ?

1- Big prize is aka iTS invite ( you must add 20+ review to win it ) for first rank
2- 1 Month seedbox for 2 members for 2nd and 3rd ranks
3- number 4 to 10 you can choose trackers or accounts of ( ,,,,, HDCorea invites, Drunkenslug and )
3- for everyone who will participate and make +2 reviews you can choose from my topic any tracker under 10$.

Remember, if you want to make review and you do not have trackers, just pm me which tracker you want to make review and i will give you it for free ( level 3 or under for sure ) Check Levels here

Exclusive prize for the member who will make 75+ review BTN account
goodluck everyone
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May 18, 2021
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