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s Summer is almost on us and Winter for others. With the change of seasons so come the changes of the RevolutionTT.

As pointed out a while back RevolutionTT is being moved from .net to .me The move is almost final and after May 31st it will be complete. As stated on the News page, all links will be replaced with .me, including bookmarks, irc & rss feeds. If you have not changed any information now is the time. The information can be found HERE

Moving along with the changes we now have Love You Long Time up and live on the site, clicking on the banner below will take you to the new LULT page.
LYLT is a new concept here at RevTT What donating for LULT does is 1 of 3 things. You have the chance to
1. Freeze Ratio
2. Freeze Your Download Only UPLOAD counts
3. Freeze Download x2 Upload This will give you DOUBLE upload

Each will last for 30 days and if you are a new user it's a perfect way to start out building a great ratio. Along with the warm and fuzzy feeling you get for supporting RevoTT and bettering your ratio. Donating for LULT also gives you VIP and as a VIP member you can see Pre-Times listed on all scene torrents, have access to the IRC #vip channel with torrent announces and can set a vhost, a VIP forum with the chance of a free SeedBox trial, as well as one extra starter invite with a lower ratio requirement needed to apply.
It also seems that the Auto Watch is a big hit. For those that do not know what this is but have seen this on some TV Show torrents.
This is Auto Watch and can be found on the detail page of each torrent.

There are many many shows added to the Auto Watch and if you haven't set yours up yet or you would like to know what exactly this is, you can find all the info HERE. If for some reason there is a show that isn't on the Auto Watch you may request it HERE.
As always you can use the forums to post questions and to comment on just about anything. You can also come visit us in chat.
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May 18, 2012
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Thank you for info m8.