May 13, 2020
€10.45 $12.84 USD = €10.45 EUR​
1TB Disk Space​
10 App Slots​
1Gbps Upload​
10Gbps Download​
Unmetered Traffic​
5% Off 3 Months​
10% Off 6 Months​
15% Off 12 Months​

The Seedbox Company is very good. I have been with them for about year now and they have excellent support. I cannot believe how nice and great they are with everything. I have asked multiple times for extension on payments and they have given it to me without any hassle. Just WOW if you want awesome seedbox go here and wonderful support go here amazing :)

I had them awhile ago to back when i did my majer torrenting on sites and they where really good always something about them i liked. they did take one thing away i would like back is http support for IDM.

I don't know how this competes with all the rest but i'm happy
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