What are your favourite co-op games to play with friends?


Dec 29, 2020
It often surprises me how difficult it can be to find interesting cooperative games to play with friends. Perhaps you can share some co-op games that you enjoyed?

Here are some cooperative play experiences that I did enjoy:

Remnant: From the Ashes: It's unashamedly a Dark Souls clone, but with guns and some procedural generation and a strong focus on cooperative play. I liked it.

Astroneer: There's nothing else quite like this one. It's a space sandbox game with exploration and resource management that is quite chill and much more enjoyable with friends.



Dec 26, 2020
I really like to play all kind of Lego games with my brother. They create a special moment where you are having fun while also playing together to do the missions.
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Charlie Smart

Jul 9, 2021
I think I would pick WoW. The other day we wanted to play Fallout 76 but it turned out that Fallout 76 was and is criticized for being a multiplayer game that has little to no ways to meaningfully interact with other players. The PvP is very counter-intuitive and overly complicated, the co-op is meaningless and empty, and the game isn't balanced or even designed for more than one player. That is why I prefer Destiny 2 talking about shooters. Compared to P76 D2 there have a number of advantages in my opinion.
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