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Dec 18, 2019
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I have 30 invites to give for BTNext a Portuguese from Portugal high quality torrents no spam, no publicity in torrents most original as possible, includes american movies in american english some animations are in portuguese and english, has softwares, ebooks, hentai, animes with portuguese from portugal subtitles or PT-BR instead of PT-PT subtitles, bluray rips 4k and full hd 1080p, has music mp3 and flac, it's general what can i say... for me the best because of quality torrents.If you want to enter in this tracker you need a seedbox to have a good ratio this is the most important, we don't like H&R Hit n Runs.30 invites leftBe sure of what you really want...After comment here... pm me your correct and confirmed e-mail, we do not accept hotmail, provide gmail please or other email provider that are aprooved by BTNext in their page.Big hugs and merry christmas.x30 invites left (BTNext.tracker.com)
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