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May 20, 2012
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Please respect the following rules & guidelines:

1. VPN/VPS, TOR, dedicated servers, proxies, relays and similar connections are not allowed; if you are forced to use a proxy or corporate connection please tell us the reason why you are using it to prevent a ban.

2. Do not scam other people nor provide accounts or invites which were acquired in a illegal way.

3. Do not post your e-mail addresses in public, use private messages instead of posting any email address in public view; fake temporarily email accounts are not allowed.

4. Anything you sell or trade must have one month warranty, you must refund the other person if anything happens for whatever reason or give the other person another invite/account for free.

5. If you are a trader and the staff asks for proof that you have legit accounts please provide unedited screenshots; you can trust us.

6. Bad language and racism is not allowed, talk nice with other members, respect them and they will respect you.

7. Do not spam other members with private messages without their permission.

8. Do not PM anyone asking for invites without their permission, also do not ask for or try to sell or trade invites in the shoutbox.

Username: Never use the same name on as you use on any trackers as this may get you banned everywhere.

Threads: You can only bump your thread after 24 hours since the last post, if you bump it sooner you will receive infractions. Do not create duplicate threads nor copy content from other forums or websites.

Dupe Accounts: Do not create duplicate accounts, one account per user is allowed. We will catch and ban you if you do so; if you really need two accounts or more please tell us the reason.

Scammers: If any member scammed you, feel free to open a dispute thread in the Report section so the staff can investigate the matter.

Screenshots: Never post any unedited screenshots of your tracker accounts in public or to any other user. You only allowed to send it to staff members; this is for your own safety.
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