Email Alerts for Open Sign-Ups (TorrentLeech and Potentially Others)


Mar 22, 2019
I appreciate how you guys have helped me out this past year, especially GodFather. Hopefully this little trick that worked for me helps someone else.

I kept missing open sign-ups because for some trackers they only happen once every few months. Then it occurred to me that tools exist to alert when a change has occurred on a public facing website. In the case of TorrentLeech, they've been announcing open sign-ups right on their public homepage on the right hand side under "latest news".

The web tool that worked for me is called Change Tower but they're are plenty of others that serve the same purpose. There's even an OpenSource Firefox one called "Update Scanner" for people that leave FireFox running on their computer all the time. This page mentions a bunch of monitoring tools:

Anyways I just thought it was really cool that back on Dec 10 when TorrentLeech did their open sign-ups that I received an email right away and I actually managed to get in during the sign-up window that day. Happy torrenting all.