Guardians of the Galaxy Xbox Series X & Controller Being Given Away


Sep 18, 2021
The launch of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is only a day away, and Microsoft is giving away a limited-edition Xbox Series X console and controller to celebrate. Square Enix and Eidos Montreal surprised Marvel gaming fans with a new title based on the Guardians Of The Galaxy during June’s E3 2021 livestream event, which will put players in the role of Peter “Star-Lord” Quill as he and his lovable band of space heroes are tasked with saving the universe from a multitude of interplanetary threats.

In the months that followed, developer Eidos Montreal has steadily shown off Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy’s dialogue and narrative choices, as well as its updated take on classic Marvel characters like Cosmo The Spacedog, Grand Uniter Raker of the Universal Church of Truth, and even the recently revealed Adam Warlock. Players will be able to unlock alternate skins for each Guardian, pulled straight from the original Marvel comics, and Square Enix promises that Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy won’t have the microtransactions that made Marvel’s Avengers so divisive when it released last year.

Earlier today, Xbox announced a new contest for players to win a limited-edition Xbox Series X Console and Controller patterned after Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, baring a striking purple grid pattern and the insignia of the Guardians along the front. As detailed on Xbox’s official Twitter page, fans can retweet the promotional post shown below along with the hashtag “#GOTGGameSweepstakes” for a chance to win this custom Xbox Series X system and controller set, along with a copy of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Deluxe Edition. This offer is set to run from today until November 7, and the winners will be personally notified by Xbox on November 14.

This is hardly the first time Microsoft has offered up Marvel-themed, limited-edition Xbox Series X hardware, as a specially designed console was given away last month to commemorate the release of Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings. Interestingly enough, Microsoft gifted this console to Shang Chi star Simu Liu just a few days after he took to the silver screen as the martial arts-wielding superhero, and he even posted some humorous photos of himself playing with the Shang Chi figure that came with it on social media.

Meanwhile, pre-release reviews for Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy have been quite positive. Most of the critics who have gotten their hands on the game praised Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy's narrative and dialogue options but took note of a few technical issues along the way. All the same, fans can’t wait to jump into the 80s rock-infused space adventure of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, and the limited-edition Guardians Of The Galaxy Xbox Series X console and controller might be a fun way to do so when Microsoft’s newest contest wraps up in a few weeks.