HDchina Looking For Designers,encoders

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HDChina members of the recruitment notice
A recording group members (1-2)
can record high-definition television at home and abroad (such as Japan and South Korea as the CCTV-HD, CCTV1-HD, TVB, Hunan and other places; the KBS television and European and American Television) television programs; upload speed 500k / s (4M fiber) above; willing to share resources, the team of collaborators interested in long-lasting; a sense of belonging in HDChina HD up; interested, please PM to the administrator *** communication conditions and work content ;professional designers (1-2), art or design background, proficient in UI design and advertising design; happy to participate in the site construction, and lasting interest in the design of the people; In order to improve the promotion of HDChina image, and HDChina exclusive goods have a strong sense of participation; Interested parties, please PM an administrator *** tocommunicate with their conditions and work content;

Three-track group members (2)
has tracks produced based on a serious and responsible, able to consistently
interested, please PM to ***; above according to the results of the work, HDChina will be given a certain level of reward, will receive Encoder rating or forum moderator level, the results highlight the official will provide more special reward .... HDChina hope you can join, let us do better!