How To Submit Feedback?

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May 23, 2012
Feedback is important because it helps us find out how a guy is. In a site like torrentinvitez its one of the most important parameter with so many scammers around.

Feedback is given to the following users:

1. Sellers (Seller receives a feedback by the buyer once the deal is completed)
2. Buyers (Buyer receives a feedback once the deal is completed)
3. Trades (If it was a trade usually both the people receive feedbacks)
4. Middleman (Middlemen receive feedback from both the users involved in the trade.)

How to leave feedback:

Follow the below steps to leave feedback.

1. Go to the users profile you want to leave feedback for by clicking on their name.

2. Once there click on the feedback tab.


3. You should see 2 options now.

Click on Submit Feedback For User


4. After you click on Submit Feedback For User youll be redirected to a new page.

Now fill in the details of the trade

You were the: you can be the buyer/seller/trader. Select the appropiate option. Overall experience: Your experience with that user in that particular trade. Deal thread URL: (Required) A link to the deal thread. You can find it on the addressbar. A short comment: (Visible to all) A short comment about your experience like Additional comments: These comments are visible to the user who receives feedback and the staff.

Once thats done click on submit at the bottom of the page.


Thats it. You just became a man .
I hope this tutorial was usefull.

Good luck.
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