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Feb 8, 2023
Somewhere in this Earth
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1. Reiterate: "From September 2021, users who refer to this site in public space and use this site's data to invite banned users will not be unblocked again.

" The site rules need to be constantly adjusted according to the actual situation. Members are requested to pay attention to the changes of the site rules. There will be a buffer period for each rule change. Please rest assured; 3. The site has adjusted the upgrade conditions and permissions of the fairy level, and added a

new Please refer to the level-related part of the FAQ

for details; 4. Please try to avoid using client software that is in the testing period, and it is strictly forbidden to use unofficial client software such as magic modified version and quick check (jump check) version; 5.

Box rules

, all members are requested to register the box according to the site rules and standardize the use of the box. The box rules will be strictly enforced after April 15; To help others download faster, you can get the rss link of the conservation area in the rss subscription interface

(note: the rss link of the conservation area can only be obtained when the option of the conservation area is checked); , fake seeds, cheating, etc.) to create a good environment;

8. In order to continuously and steadily release high-quality resources, new recruits are still continuing: [CMCTV Working Group 2023 Recruitment Announcement] [CMCT Working Group Long-term Recruitment Announcement] 9.

The development of the site also requires everyone to build together. If you have an idea to join the plant patrol (site service) or development team, please refer to the [Station Service Team Long-term Recruitment Announcement] [Technical Team Long-term Recruitment Announcement]